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Why I shoot JPG

A young man looks skyward while sitting on his water buffalo in North Vietnam - Pics Of Asia Travel Photo Tours

The answer is abruptly simple: I shoot Jpeg because I shoot Fuji. Obviously being a Fuji shooter isn’t the only reason, and there are several more that I have listed below. Writing this made me realize that shooting Jpeg is only suitable for a certain type of photographer, so you may have many different other…

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A guide to Photography Workshops

a photo critique happening at the end of a photography workshop in Vietnam by Pics of Asia

A few months ago I downloaded a PDF produced by Photoshelter and The Photo Educate about tips for people to chose the best photography workshop for them. You can download it following this link. I spent most of yesterday in airports so I finally took the time to go through it. As Pics of Asia…

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May Central Vietnam photography Tour

A shipyard near Hue in Vietnam during Pics of Asia advanced photography workshop

This was a photography tour I had been waiting for a long time, a special “advanced photographers only” photography workshop around my adoptive city of Hoi An, Vietnam. For the occasion I had Drew Hopper co-leading the tour with me. The idea is to run workshops focusing on merging Travel and Street photography to create more…

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Myanmar photography tour 2017 recap

Black and white photography of farmers on Pics of Asia Myanmar tour

As you know by now, I never reveal too many details about my tours itineraries as I have experienced in the past people copy/pasting them for their own tours. I spend months, sometimes years refining these itineraries depending on the time of the year but mostly depending on how a country changes. And in the case…

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Travelling to the Mekong Delta

Farmer in the field during Pics of Asia exploration of Mekong Delta, Vietnam

I always make time for exploration and this time was no different, I wasn’t going to turn down the opportunity to visit another part of Vietnam! As I needed to do some paperwork in Ho Chi Minh City, I thought I would combine my trip with an exploration of the Mekong Delta. A lot of…

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