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A private photography tour and workshop in Asia

Last week was spectacular. Like really, really spectacular.

Because Adam and Miguel, two Spanish Leica shooters, hired me to take them around the best spots of Central Vietnam. They wanted to do a short private photography tour and workshop somewhere in Asia. But they weren’t sure quite where.

After researching the idea, they came across Pics of Asia. And fortunately, they liked what they saw! They saw the kind of stunning locations we visit. They also fell in love with Pics of Asia images on social media and they wanted the opportunity to capture awesome photos themselves.

So they got in touch with me and – they later told me – were really impressed with my fast responses via email. (Thanks, guys!)

Adam and Miguel decided there and then to book a private photo workshop, a personalised tour with myself, which would take place in Central Vietnam.

A smart choice – and one that they definitely don’t regret now!

Low angle photo of a farmer spraying chemicals on a sweet potato field on a photography tour around Hoi An with Pics of Asia

Exploring Hoi An rice fields and fishing villages

June is very hot in Central Vietnam – but it also offers us some of the best sunrises and sunsets of the year. They were, to put it mildly, incredible.

We started by exploring the countryside fields and fishing villages around Hoi An, at the same time starting our photography workshops on the art of “people photography”.

For those who may be unaware, people photography involves capturing your subject in as natural a setting as possible – without them altering their behaviour for the camera. During Pics of Asia workshops and tours, we encourage our “students” to approach people in the right way – to shake off any shyness and break the ice so that both photographer and subject are comfortable with the situation.

Both the rice fields and the fishing villages around Hoi An offer us the chance to meet and photograph plenty of locals in their natural environment. And building a great relationship with them is at the heart of what we do.

A farmer smoking a cigarette portrayed during a photography tour and workshop in Vietnam with Pics of Asia

Great locations, beautiful sunsets and sunrises, interesting and engaged subjects – we were off to a good start!

Leica lenses: Learning new tips ‘n’ tricks

Now, Adam and Miguel are experienced shooters and both have been using Leica lenses for quite some time.

However, they are used to shooting with their lenses wide open. (Of course, the beauty of Leica lenses means it’s very tempting for any photographer to shoot wide open, as their quality guarantees an amazing sharpness.)

Still, my personal challenge for that weekend was to show the guys how interesting it can be to close the aperture down and come out with more complex, deeper compositions.

A group of fishermen cleaning their fishing nets in a lagoon in central Vietnam on a photography tour with Pics of Asia

Gallery of our private photo workshop in Vietnam, Asia

The results of our Leica-centred photo tour? Check them out below!

If you like what to see and you want to book your very own private photography workshop in Asia, get in touch here.

Big thanks to Adam and Miguel for being such awesome photography companions – I had a great week and I’m really looking forward to the next tour!

Fisherman at sunrise on a lagoon around Hue on a photography tour with Pics of Asia
Woman harvesting small snails in Lang Co lagoon at sunset during a photography tour in Vietnam with Pics of Asia
A fisherman prepares to go at sea on Lang Co lagoon in vietnam
Two fishermen come back home from fishing in Lang Co lagoon in Vietnam
A group of women are sorting crabs on a beach at sunrise on a photography tour around Hoi An
black and white close up portrait of a woman on a portrait photography workshop in Vietnam with Pics of Asia
A fisherman is bringing fish to the beach while having a cigarette in the countryside around Hoi An
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