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An exciting new photography tour in Vietnam

I am launching a new photography tour in Vietnam in an exciting and unexplored area. Join me this year to capture photos of the most beautiful rice terraces, salt fields and fishing villages. Welcome to the land of coconut trees: Song Cau. 

A new and untouched area of central Vietnam

Located South of Quy Nhon city, Song Cau is a stunning piece of pristine coastline, surrounded by glorious mountains. It is entirely away from the main tourist tracks and offers spectacular photo opportunities. 

Mass tourism is far from reaching this place, which only has a few selections of hotels to choose from. And this makes this location even greater for a photography tour. 

As I often say, it is easier to approach and take photos of people when they haven’t been exposed to mass tourism: the people are naturally curious about us visiting their area and they approach us to ask about us. 

The most beautiful rice fields

The first thing that struck me when I visited this area last week is the crazy amount of coconut trees. They are literally everywhere and offer fantastic backdrops to our pictures. People seem to be growing them to sell coconuts. They are in every village, along every road, and they look damn pretty!

The area is nested between the ocean, lagoons and mountains. This makes it an ideal place to photograph as we can always find some interesting and dramatic backgrounds. This is a good change from our home base of Hoi An, where we often have to deal with pretty flat backgrounds on our photography tours and workshops. This allows us to capture more dynamic images with more interesting rhythms.

New photography tour in Vietnam: Amazing salt fields

Song Cau is famous for its salt fields. On this brand-new photography tour in central Vietnam, travel at the ideal time of the year to capture the people harvesting salt. The salt field waters offer great reflection opportunities as well! 

Whether people simply prepare the salt fields or actually harvest the salt, it always offers some very good opportunities to capture the locals in action.

Fish markets

Located along several lagoons and the ocean, this area is famous for its seafood. From fish to oysters, shrimps and lobsters, the people of Song Cau made it an art to farm seafood and fish it. 

This offers us plenty of great opportunities at the right time of day. Whether it is a fish market on the beach at sunrise or people working in the fish farmers, there is so much going on!

Amazing photo opportunities in the fishing villages

Song Cau specializes in lobsters and other seafood sold at the fish market and offers great photo opportunities in the fishing villages. As the fisherman go to sea at night and come back early morning, we are there to capture them coming back and the hectic action around the buying and selling of the fish.

Meet the friendliest people and take great portraits

As I mentioned earlier, the people of Song Cau do not often meet international tourists. I had such a great time last week walking around villages, as the people were coming to me to ask where I am from and what I am doing here. This makes approaching people to take their photos very easy.

Join me on this brand new photography tour in Vietnam

Because this area offers its best potential at a particular time of year, I won’t be running many tours there. Probably only a couple per year. So do not miss your chance to join me and capture stunning images!

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