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Bangladesh photography tour 2022: my favourite images

There are places where you know you will end up with amazing photos! Bangladesh is definitely this kind of place. During my photography tour in Bangladesh, we always take a lot of images. And we always have a very high rate of great images. Which makes it, as you know, my favourite place on Earth for people photography.

During this particular photo tour, I must say I took A LOT of images. Maybe it was because of the fact that it was my first international photo tour, after being “stuck” in Vietnam for almost 3 years! I was very excited to go back there, and so I ended up with over 100 fantastic images! And yes, for a 20-day trip it is a lot!! This is what Bangladesh does to me.

You can read the blog post about our 2022 photography tour in Bangladesh if you are interested to find out what we did this year.

I have tried to narrow down a shorter selection of my favourite images taken during the Bangladesh photography tour this year. I wish I had more time to go through all of them in detail but I am already back in Hoi An running my half-day photography tours and workshops. So no time to go back through thousands of images!

Pics of Asia photography tour in Bangladesh: visiting the best locations

We do not just stay in Dhaka. Bangladesh has so much more to offer than crowded streets. the countryside is very stunning and offers some quiet and peace of mind well needed after visiting the big cities.

This allows us to capture a wide variety of scenes and apply different types of photography (from more travel images to more street ones). This year I also went to visit a new area of Bangladesh, and I wrote a blog post about the Barisal division here.

Our Bangladesh photography tour: all about people photography

Bangladesh is a very crowded country, which makes it ideal to run photography tours about people photography. Whether you are into portraits or street photography, it is a non-stop flow of people willing to be photographed!

The most effective photography tours about people in Asia

This is why I am always taking so many photos in Bangladesh, and my “hit” rate, meaning how many good photos I end up having per day, is huge! The streets are just so busy, there are so many things happening even in the countryside. We find up to 4 or 5 amazing photo opportunities per day.

Once you have been shooting in Bangladesh, many other places feel just “meh” 🙂

Special gallery for all the amazing people of Bangladesh

People in Bangladesh love to be photographed (most people, of course, but not everyone is always keen). Many, many times per day, people stop us on the street and ask us to take a photo of them. Sometimes we do, and sometimes we don’t. But I always end up with many images that are not well composed, of people posing in a very uncreative way. Yes, you guessed it, not the most fantastic images of the trip.

But I never know what to do with them. So I decided to showcase here a special gallery dedicated to all the great people of Bangladesh, and all the friends I made along the way!

If you love these images and would like to come and explore this wonderful country with me, while improving your photography, check out this link to our Bangladesh photography 2023.


Founder of Pics of Asia, Etienne is a teacher with a photography habit.


  1. Cecile on December 9, 2022 at 4:48 pm

    Simply mind blowing ! I love your art Etienne ! Bravo ! And thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Etienne on December 10, 2022 at 6:51 am

      Thanks a lot, Cecile! It has been a very long time. Will you ever come and visit me in Vietnam? 😉

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