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Celebrating our students’ results

We are only halfway into our first online photography course, and we are already super stocked with what our students have achieved!

Yes, our online travel photography course started a few months ago and it has been a fantastic journey until now! Weekly videos (some of them are up to one and a half hours!!!) where I teach photography the way I do it on my physical photography tours. We have taken our students into Hoi An old town and into the fields to practice all these photography techniques. So much fun! 

We are reviewing our students’ weekly assignments and we see the dramatic evolution, mostly for the ones following the beginner course! What a pleasure to be able to teach again and witness real improvements, this time completely online! This doesn’t mean we don’t interact with the students: our group chat is allowing anyone to ask us questions, share their struggles and happy moments, etc… It is as interactive as if we were face to face. It’s really awesome!

What I love about this session is that it gathers very different types of students. There are people living in Asia who are familiar with travel photography and enjoying sunny days, as well as people based in Australia and facing a harsh winter. But everyone is finding inspiration!

Thanks to our weekly assignments, our students are practicing regularly and there are no secrets… this is how you can dramatically improve your photography skills! Shoot, shoot and shoot!

And we know our students are learning and are happy! Here are a few testimonials we have already received:

Really happy with the course: all the examples are really helpful, some camera functions I would not know any situation in which to use them, and now I understand when they might be helpful!

Vera – Beginner Course

Excellent videos, Etienne – I can see (and appreciate) the effort you’ve put into them … I’m feeling my “investment” has been well spent

John – Advanced Course

We have been filing all our photo courses videos around Hoi An, and it has been a lot of fun. We shot trees, people and … cows!

Many of you are now able to travel again or are about to be able to travel again, and of course, take photos! So now is the time to get back into your photography!

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If not now, when?

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Founder of Pics of Asia, Etienne is a teacher with a photography habit.

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