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Andy Faulk

Andy Faulk Photographer And Photography Teacher With Pics Of Aisa

Hi, I’m Andy, a professional photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. By trade, I am a  portrait and travel photographer working with a wide range of editorial clients.  As long as I have a camera in my hand, I am a happy man. For me, photography is much more than my profession, it is my grounding force.

Without a doubt, there is nothing better than being a travel photographer. Whether shooting stunning landscapes, focusing on details, or making portraits of extraordinary people,  my primary goal as a travel photographer is to capture a sense of place.


I am just as passionate about teaching the craft of photography as I am creating images. I find great satisfaction in helping others achieve their photographic vision. Along with fellow Pics of Asia guides, I have led multi-day photo tours in both South Korea and Thailand. My course modules are specifically designed to help participants cultivate both their photography skills and inner artist.


I invite you to learn more about me and my work at my website.




IG: @afaulkphoto