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Dylan Goldby

I’m Dylan Goldby, an Aussie-born photographer based out of Seoul, South Korea. From day to day, I shoot a mixture of families, couples, and corporate events in South Korea. This forms the core of my business, WelkinLight Photography, in Seoul. I mix this with editorial assignments for regional airline magazines, including Korean Air’s Morning Calm and Air Asia’s 3Sixty, and publications such as BBC Storyworks and South China Morning Post.
My personal work focuses primarily on disappearing ways of life and changes in our world. My major projects over the past several years have been related to the changing face of Seoul and Korea’s disappearing artisans. My current project is taking me all over Asia to hear stories from and photograph the last remaining people with tribal facial tattoos in the region. 
My work attempts to bare witness to something which will not be around for much longer. By recording the stories of young families, tattoo-faced tribes, and the city life of my adopted home, I am always aiming for the same thing: to record something which will no be there for future generations. 
I am also a passionate educator. My writings can be found on Fstoppers.com, CreativeLive, and FujiLove. 
You can find more work from Dylan on his website, Facebook page or Instagram.
Dylan is running the Bangladesh photography tour from November 25th to December 4th 2020.