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Frederik Wissink

Photographer and tour guide with Pics of Asia

Born in Canada’s Capital, moved to Korea in 1999, only returning home for the occasional visit, or when the desire to make a snow angel and eat maple syrup grows too strong to resist.

I discovered photography in a completely ‘expat’ twist-of-fate kind of way when my former roommate stole money and (reluctantly) gave a digital (hey, it was 2002, those things were expensive) camera in return as payment. It set me out on a journey I never expected would happen. Trust me. I’ll tell you the whole (long) story if you ask me.

Ended up being the best $400 I ever lost. I wouldn’t trade anything that has happened in the past 19 years for any other experience. Well, except maybe that time in the Philippines in 2000, that was weird.

I joined Hoi An Photo Tour and Pics of Asia in late 2017 after a well-deserved move from the hustle of Saigon. I felt it was time for a change and maybe to share what I had learned and taught myself about photography with others.

The north of Vietnam has been always a favourite place of mine. I have ridden through the mountains on motorbikes and eaten the oddest things all while looking at stunning mountain scenery. There really is no place like it anywhere else. Hence why I’m super excited to be co-leading the North Vietnam 5 day workshop this year. It’s going to be awesome!

You can see more of Fred’s beautiful work on his website, Facebook page and Instagram account.

Fred is running Hoi An Photo Tour & Workshop and will be co-leading the North Vietnam tour in September.