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Hoi An Photo Tour & Workshop

Here we are, being able to discover some of the best spots around Hoi An, and capturing a wonderful sunrise or sunset, plus improving one’s photo skills! Hoi An Photo Tour!

The idea came to me last year, sitting on a nice terrace of a cafe in Hoi An, thinking : “Well, now I am damn broke, I should do something with my life!”. Seeing tourists walking in town, I realized that maybe around 30% of them owned SLR digital cameras. From the people I have then met, it became obvious that many of them were still shooting in Auto mode, and felt overwhelmed with the Hoi An “Hello photo 1 dollar!” in every street corner. Not really knowing where to go to get good photos, and easily finding some nice locations, but with people quickly coming and asking for a little money.

So there I was, thinking about the best locations I knew around Hoi An, the tourist free areas (and I mean 100% tourist free). As I have been taking photos around Hoi An for couple of years now, I knew where to go!

The sunrise tour brings us to a nice remote fishing village, along Hoi An river. The amazing thing about this village is its very busy activity very early morning (or very very very early for some people!). The fishermen come back to the village after all night fishing, bringing their catch to the shore. Then women are all waiting and hurrying to try and get the best fish at the best price. This includes hardcore negotiations and fights, pretty intense!

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Founder of Pics of Asia, Etienne is a teacher with a photography habit.


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