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North Vietnam photo tour

The video of my North Vietnam photo tour 2023

You may have missed this video if you don't follow me on ...
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India photo tour with Pics of Asia

My new India photography tour: Mumbai and Gujarat Unveiled.

In November 2023, I embarked on a two-week exploration of India, delving ...
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online travel photography course with Pics of Asia

My online travel photography course is now available on Youtube

As you surely know, I have spent almost a whole year building ...
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A photography tour with Etienne Bossot from Pics of Asia

Pics of Asia photography tours: 2023 in review

Once again, it's time to review the past year and prepare for ...
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Vietnam coffee processing factories photography

Vietnam’s Magic Coffee Factories

In November of 2023 I was running my first photography tour in ...
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Sri Lanka photo tour with Pics of Asia

Sri Lanka photography tour 2023: fish guts and punctual crows

For the 4th edition of my Sri Lanka photography tour, I had ...
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