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Vietnamese photographers taking photos of models in the rice fields of Mu Cang Chai

To stage or not to stage in Travel Photography

With the recent polemics surrounding a certain image that won a photography ...
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a group of photographers on a photography tour taking photos of a staged scene, used to illustrate an article about ethics in travel photography for Pics of Asia

Are you doing it for photography or for fame?

Once again photography competitions are proving us their complete lack of ethics ...
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Young student from an international school on a photography workshop in Vietnam with Pics of Asia

Photography workshops for International schools in Asia

Here at Pics of Asia, we’re photographers, yes – but first and ...
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Landscape image of the desert of Kalout in South Iran during Pics of Asia photography tour

Pics of Asia Photography Tours and Workshops: the best of 2018 video

There it finally is! Our best of 2018 video! We have been ...
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Why I love Pindaya so much

For the last 4 years, we have been visiting Pindaya every year ...
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A Young Boy Takes A Break To Cool Off In Vietnam - Photo captured on Pics Of Asia's Vietnam Phototour

Our new Cambodia – Vietnam photography tour 2019

For many years now we always receive requests from our clients to ...
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