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profile picture of a photographer for a satire article

How to become a famous Travel Photographer

If you are new to Travel Photography I can understand the challenges ...
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Capturing a fisherman walking in Tam Giang lagoon in Hue during Pics of Asia photography tour in central Vietnam

A photography tour around Hue

Last week marked the end of my second 5-day photography tour and ...
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Capturing fishermen unloading their boats in Sa Huynh fish market during a Pics of Asia photography tour

The 5 day central Vietnam photography tour

It has been a very intensive week, travelling down the coast of ...
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Silhouette at sunset in Yangon, Myanmar by Pics of Asia founder Etienne Bossot

In search of the ultimate silhouette

All right, that’s it, I am finally able to admit to myself ...
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A young man looks skyward while sitting on his water buffalo in North Vietnam - Pics Of Asia Travel Photo Tours

Why I shoot JPG

The answer is abruptly simple: I shoot Jpeg because I shoot Fuji. ...
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a photo critique happening at the end of a photography workshop in Vietnam by Pics of Asia

A guide to Photography Workshops

A few months ago I downloaded a PDF produced by Photoshelter and ...
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