Shapes of Vietnam is a personal project by Etienne Bossot

Shapes of Vietnam

Telling stories through silhouettes How it began Shapes of Vietnam came about ...
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Two clients from Pics of Asia on a private photography tour in central Vietnam

A private photography tour and workshop in Asia

Last week was spectacular. Like really, really spectacular. Because Adam and Miguel, ...
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A elder woman with a big smile in Sri Lanka - Pics Of Asia Phototours And Workshops

Sri Lanka Photography: People and Places

Photography in Sri Lanka – What’s the big deal? Sri Lanka is ...
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Photo of the fujifilm xt3 camera for a review on Pics of Asia

Fujifilm Xt3 review

After a few years being a very happy Xt-2 shooter, I upgraded ...
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Intentional Camera Movement: A case study

A few weeks ago, while running our 5-day central Vietnam photography tour, ...
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A group of fishermen push their boat into the waves as they come back from a night at sea in a fishing village near Hoi An, Vietnam

The best photography intro video you’ve ever seen!

Hey everyone, we hope you enjoy this very short intro video we ...
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