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Shooting around Howrah bridge in Kolkata

The iconic bridge of Kolkata has been photographed many times before, and will still be used as a favourite background among photographers for a long time. And there is a reason for that. It is very picturesque and offers great photo opportunities as the main Ghats are located near the bridge. There we can find a lot of people coming down to bath in the water of the Ganges. From the bridge itself and the bustling traffic around to the ghats where people gather, and the flower market located around the bridge, it is very easy to spend a full day taking photos around the Howrah bridge in Kolkata, India.

People take a spiritual bath in the water of the Ganges in Kolkata, India

Photograph Howrah Bridge in the morning

While running our first photography workshop in India in 2018, we spent 3 full days in Kolkata. We decided to wake up early to photograph the activity around the bridge with the morning light and colours. The traffic on the bridge kicks in at about 6 am, and there is just enough action, but not too much, happening before that. This allowed us to come up with cleaner images as the roads were not too crowded yet.

Taking photos on Howrah bridge at dawn during a photography tour with Pics of Asia


The flower market under and around the bridge gets really busy after 7 am, and we ventured into it after photographing the traffic on Howrah bridge. It is a great place to photograph as everyone is really busy dealing with the flower business. There are a lot of colours around because of all the flowers, and for once, it changes from the fish markets smells!  The people working there are very friendly, but most of the people you meet at locals who walk by the market to get a few flowers. They are usually very interested in foreigner photographers coming to photography their city, so starting a chat is very easy.

The flower market in kolkata offers great background for your photographs


Going down the river and the Ghats, the morning has a misty and spiritual atmosphere. People come to get their heads shaved and take a purifying bath in the Ganges. The bridge offers great background which really sets your image in a grand location. Then, it’s all about finding the right subject to put in front.¬†It is also one of the birds’ favourite place to hang out, giving it some Varanasi deja¬†vu feelings.

A flock of pigeaons take up in the air in front of the Howrah bridge in Kolkata during a photo tour with pics of asia


I personally really like the area which is right under the bridge. When people stand in that area, you can capture them being lit by a very soft and diffused light, while the background, the inside of the tunnel, is very dark.

Portrait of a man taken under the Howrah bridge during a photography tour in India with Pics of Asia

We also found the place on the Ghat where the mud wrestlers are training. They invited us for a chat and wanted us to photograph them, but the little ground they train on has a pretty bad light in the morning, so we didn’t stay long.


Photograph Howrah bridge in the afternoon

I found the afternoon is the most interesting time to photograph the people bathing in the waters of the Ganges. When standing on the Jagannath Ghat you can be facing the sunset and silhouette the people standing along the river. The iconic bridge stays in the background and the late afternoon colour bounces on the river, a real delight.

people walking on the Jagannath ghat in Kolkata


There¬†are also¬†a few Sadus that live around the main Ghats. Because Kolkata isn’t as popular as Varanasi in terms of tourism, the Sadus I met in Kolkata seemed¬†very genuine. They invited me to have a chat with them and for about 30 minutes we talked about the energy in the body… I think. Anyway, they were very cool and let me photograph as much as I wanted with no question asked.

A Sadu in Kolkata, India, showing his study book about the human body during a photography workshop with Pics of Asia


At night, the bridge becomes the place where people gather so they can find the right bus to bring them home. We spent about an hour along the road, shooting the passengers jumping into the buses, with the angry controllers screaming their lungs out of the bus door. A great opportunity to practice panning photography.

A bus controller hanging out the bus door and holding the money from the fares



Taking photos on Howrah Bridge

On top of the bridge, it is a different story. It is very busy with people walking the bridge to get to work or to get back home. You can often witness people walking along the rail and throwing flowers in the river as offerings. The stairs leading to the upper level of the bridge are also quite crowded, offering great photo opportunities.

Howrah bridge is a great place to photograph


Walking along Strand Bank Road

Located right behind the flower market, Strand Bank road is the extension of the flower market and follows the Hooghly river. There you can find a lot of people loading and unloading trucks and buses from the warehouses along the river. The local train stations, also located along this road, are great little stops for more photo opportunities.

Taking photos in Howrah train station during a photography tour with Pics of Asia




The Howrah bridge area is simply a very busy part of Kolkata which is ideal to walk around and take photos. The people of Kolkata are extremely friendly and it is very enjoyable to walk around and meet them.

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Founder of Pics of Asia, Etienne is a teacher with a photography habit.


  1. John Walys on January 22, 2019 at 12:13 pm

    Hi Etienne
    I just wanted to introduce myself and say hi. I live in Melbourne, Australia and recently returned from 10 days in Kashmir with Melissa Haslam on a photo tour. I have been following your website over the last month and have enjoyed the work posted and your style of travel photography. I believe Melissa may join you at the end of the year in Bangladesh which I am also very interested in. Can you please let me know what other trips you have scheduled before that one.
    Best regards
    John Walys

    • Etienne on January 22, 2019 at 12:16 pm

      Thanks John, I have emailed you.

  2. Anit on December 10, 2023 at 11:52 pm

    hi Etienne,
    I’m a student pursuing my bachelor’s and I from birth have been raised in Calcutta. I just started my photography hobby and was finding some viewpoints to photograph Howrah bridge. your vlog really gave me very good ideas for locations, and it would very much helpful if you can suggest me more such places you ventured in Kolkata.

    • Etienne on December 15, 2023 at 12:51 pm

      Hi Anit, Kolkata is just so good that you do not need any specific locations to get great images. Walk the streets around the bridge and you will be able to find many great photo opportunities! ūüôā All the best in your photography adventures!

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