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There’s an eBook everyone should read

Once again, our partner Dylan did it. I wonder where his creativity and workflow will stop, as he keeps publishing some really great content. Now, Dylan is publishing in Partnership with FujiLove a new eBook focusing on the art of flash photography. (click on the image to access eBook order page).


An extract from the photography eBook Flash and Fujifilm by Dylan Goldby

To quote the website: ”

Over the course of 10 Case Studies, 13 assignments, and a whole section of quick tips, you’ll learn to take control of your exposures and harness the power of flash photography. We won’t be getting bogged down in the exact size of your softbox or which light stand you choose, we’ll be focusing on actionable tips and step-by-step processes to get you making images with off-camera flash.

Each of these Case Studies will look at an appropriate image and how it was created (including lighting diagrams and all the settings I used). We’ll cover location portraits in editorial style, travel portraits, and even a little food photography. But, to be honest, light is light and we will treat it as such. The goal is to gain a solid understanding of how light works so you can apply it to any subject.”

Dylan has been using images from his recent projects in Myanmar and Korea to illustrate the technical aspect of flash photography. Not only this is full of great resources but you can directly see the impact of these techniques on his images.

Even though this clearly is orientated for Fuji Shooters, it covers all technical aspects of flash photography, which is very relevant for all camera brands.


An extract from the photography eBook Flash and Fujifilm by Dylan Goldby


If you’d like to meet this creative genius in person, come over our 5-day photography workshop in Hoi An from June 1st 2019, or our Bangladesh Photography tour in November 2019.

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