10-day Iran Photography tour 2020

Hone your people and landscape photography skills while enjoying warm Iranian welcomes and unique (and delicious) Persian food. Iran is a land of contrasts, from pristine deserts to intriguing antiquities. Forget what you think you know and rediscover Iran through your own unique lens.

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Our Iran travel photography tour offers you the chance to work on your complete range of photographic techniques, as you will find yourself equally fascinated by the people we meet, and destinations such as the city of Yazd (with its iconic windcatchers) and the striking desert around Kerman. This photography tour includes 2 nights camping in the desert with night photography under the full moon!

About Iran

Whether your particular interest is street photography, people or landscapes, you’ll find that Iran is a rewarding country to photograph. Beyond the photography we are thrilled to show you how amazing this country and its people are, how friendly and safe it is to visit.

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Experience the most eye-catching parts of this ancient land, from the deserts of the south to the bustling bazaars of the north. Ten days of Persian people and landscape photography awaits on the Iran travel photography tour!


Duration: 10 days

Starting In:  Tehran

Ending In: Tehran

Participants: 6

Skill Level: All Levels

Comfort: Medium

Oct 30 – Nov 8, 2020 Etienne Bossot


6 pax

5250 USD

  • per Person
  • Single Supplement $320
  • Please note that these tours include everything (hotels, transportation, all meals) but excludes your international flight and Visa.




Incredible night photography in the desert at full moon

Discover and photograph the beauty of the oasis

The enchanting city of Yazd

Stunning landscapes along the way

Visit Kurdistan and meet its gorgeous people

iran photo tour map

Kerman Bazaar

old man posing for a photo in the bazaar of Kerman

Desert Camping

Pics of Asia photography group establishing camp on a sand dune in the desert of the Kalouts in South Iran


A worker grinding henna in a small factory outside of the city of Yazd in Iran

Incredible landscapes

A young boy showing his bicycle riding skills in the village of Keshyt in South Iran during our photography tour


taking photos of the sheep herders in Kurdistan on a photography tour with Pics of Asia


Men herding there sheep in the countryside of Kermanshah during Pics of Asia photography tour in Iran

Tehran street life

taking photos of Arbaenn festival with Pics of Asia


01. What's Included

In all our tours we strive to make things easy so everyone can focus entirely on photography. This is the reason why our rates include everything during the tour: accommodation, transportation, all meals, and even tips to local people. What is not included is your international flight, visa, travel insurance, and souvenir purchase.

02. Group Size

Like in all our tours led by one photographer we limit the number of participants to 6, for better and more personalized coaching. As it is the case on my tours, we will mostly focus on people and ways to take their photos, in travel or street photography style. As we are doing photo critiques and Lightroom tutorials, make sure to take your laptop / iPad.

03. Accomodation & Transportation

We will be staying in 3- to 4-star hotels for most of the tour, and there will be two nights of camping in the desert. All our meals will be in local restaurants and hotels. All our transportation will be made via domestic flights and minivan.


Hear how past tour participants experienced this tour.

Rebecca Powlett profile picture

Rebecca Powlett

Melbourne, Australia
The Iran photo tour is the third multi-day tour I have done with Pics of Asia and, as usual, it was an amazing mix of photography, food and laughs. In terms of the technical, this is a tour for those who either have some experience with or want to improve their photography skills in a real-world setting. Etienne will take you to the location, but it is up to you to find the shot. Of course, he will help you with all that annoying technical photographic stuff like camera settings and composition if you ask, but you will not get any of those staged travel photos on this tour. This small-group tour enables you to access areas and people that larger group tours just simply cannot. In terms of the destination, as a woman, I found the country and the people to be some of the safest, respectful and friendliest places I have travelled. Yes, being respectful of local customs (like the clothes you wear) does help, but it was not difficult to dress appropriately or take a separate route to the men from time to time (airport security is actually faster!). Even though I never felt I needed it, our local guide was fantastic and kept a watchful eye out for the ladies and was always there to answer my questions about what I could and couldn’t do/what might cause offence to the locals. Highly recommend Pics of Asia for those with a passion for photography or love of slightly more adventurous travel.
Andy Rooke profile picture

Andy Rooke

Sydney, Australia
Best day ever…10 days in a row!!!! I have just completed the 10 day Iran adventure with Etienne and Pics of Asia crew…WOW. What a great introduction to the country and a way to significantly advance your photography skills. The tour had a fantastic earthy, gritty element to it, dealing with real people, behind the scenes and out of the way locations that provide unparalleled photo opportunities and the ability to get close to the local people and culture. Etienne was able to break down the photography elements for each new set of conditions and be with you to help me take the best photos of my life! As a small group tour, combined with local regional tour guides we discovered the best-specialised foods, connected with a broad range of people and got clear insights into what makes up the various strands of Iranian life. Setting this against the backdrop of some extraordinarily diverse landscapes and unspoiled regions villages made this a very memorable trip. Hope to come back next year…just got to find the right moment to ask my wife!
Sylvain Salame profile picture

Sylvain Salame

Hong Kong
Pics of Asia is THE place to learn and progress in photography in Asia. Etienne and the other co-leaders are great photographers, skilled and very very very fun to hang with! This is why many photographers come multiple times to do most of the different countries proposed by Pics of Asia because they like it so much. I myself did few in Vietnam and they were a blast, as well as Iran which was mind-blowing. If you want to visit tourist-free places in Asia, interact with the locals and take true travel and people photographies, this is the place to be!


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Expect the unexpected. Expect to improve your photography skills thanks to spending time with expert, hands-on teachers in some of the most photogenic locations in Asia. Expect meaningful interactions with local people and expect to return home with photographs you can be justifiably proud of, and memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.