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The thing about the ISO

Sunrise on Tam Giang lagoon

At least once a week on a photography workshop someone will ask me: “How far can I push my ISO?”   I used to answer that it depends. It depends on the camera you have, it depends on what you are going to do with the images, either print or simply use them on social…

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Fujifilm Xt-2 review

photographer Etienne Bossot with the Fuji Xt-2

So this is a first for me, I usually don’t do gear review, and this is not something I am into (I mean gear). I have been a Canon shooter for the past eight years and haven’t bought any new piece of equipment in three years. My 5D Mark 3, 16-35, 35 and 50mm were…

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The lucky numbers

A young man reaches for his tea in a local Sri Lanka tea shop - Pics Of Asia Black And White Photography

Maybe because I live in Asia and here there is something around lucky numbers.   The idea came to me a few years ago (took me that long to write this article!) when a student on Hoi An Photo tour told me she was way too confused with all the numbers. You have “fraction strange…

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Vietnamese farmer

Even the most dedicated photographer has one piece of equipment they are never without a smartphone. All the adverts tell us that these gadgets are now equipped with the latest, greatest lenses – but how good are iPhone images? I fell into iPhoneography about 6 months ago, and I’ve had a lot of fun trying…

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It is not about your camera settings!

Muong Hum valley in North Vietnam

Some things I hear and read way too often when people get in touch with me. “Hi Etienne, great photos. Can you please tell me what camera settings did you use?” I do really appreciate that, people telling me they love my pictures. It is very gratifying and keeps me motivated to keep writing and shooting. But…

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Using reflectors in travel photography

Burmese girl portrait

Hi everyone, I am going to share some good tips from my friend Oded Wagen about the use of a reflector to lit your subjects when doing travel photography. This is very well explained and you can see the amazing results you can get with this technique. Please note that it is also possible to…

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On Watermarks

While doing some research to write this post, I went looking for some of my photos on the web. And it was just “Wow!” Using Google reverse image search engine, I could locate where some photos of mine were. I only spent time looking for 3 photos (some that I knew were popular) and I…

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Put your lens hood on!

Hmong boy and buffalo in the fields of North Vietnam - Pics Of Asia Photos Travels Tours

I am often asked why do I wear a lens hood on all my lenses. My usual answer is that it makes my lens look bigger, so I do really look like a photographer. Plus I am also wearing a scarf (I have a whole collection), so when people see me in the streets, I…

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Know your equipment

I was recently reviewing this photo with a friend of mine, discussing composition. I realized I really love this photo, more and more. I should try to have an objective point of view on it, looking at it as if it was someone else’s. But it is hard!     Anyway, I would like to…

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