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Playing with the blur

A single boat in the water on Hoi An river at sunset

Now, for a little more advanced photography tutorial: how can we be creative using the lens blur of our depth of field (thing we do playing with our Aperture, remember?). So basically, having a wide aperture and getting close to your subject will end up with a very shallow depth of field, which is going…

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The ISO settings

A man drives a boat late at night on Inle lake in Myanmar

I always start with the ISO when teaching basic camera settings to people, so let’s start with that. The ISO defines the sensitivity of your camera sensor. It used to be the main element you were checking when buying your rolls of film (ISO 200, 400 or more). Now it is so easy to change your…

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The Aperture setting

Young boy in the streets of South Dhaka

The Aperture or F-Stop controls how wide the iris in the lens opens, the smaller the number the bigger the aperture opens, while the bigger the number the smaller our aperture opens (confusing? Not at all!!) We can control 2 things with our aperture: Firstly it controls the amount of light hitting our sensor –…

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Young boy and his shadow cycle through Hoi An at night

So, as ze French call it a “Filé”, there is something called panning, which can give an interesting look to your photos. It is a way to do more creative compositions, even though it is very easy to make too much of it, as myself do… well this year resolution was to try and make…

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