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Using Triangles in Composition

improve your travel photographs using triangles with Pics of Asia

In my early days as a photography teacher, I accompanied two nice Australian ladies for a week of photography through Vietnam. They had recently attended a week-long photo workshop in Cambodia but still, when I met them, they didn’t seem to really know what they were doing with their cameras.    So, a little perplexed,…

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Balance in Photography – Part 2

How to balance your images with Pics of Asia

We have discussed in Part 1 of our article about Balance in photography. Let’s discuss here the different techniques we can use to bring back balance to our images, focusing on people photography. How to Bring Back Balance In some cases, we face a situation that will potentially create an unbalanced image. Shooting busy markets…

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Understanding Balance in Photography

balance in travel photography with Pics of Asia

There are a lot of photography tutorials available online discussing balance in photography composition and aesthetics in general. My goal here is to try and have another take on balance in photography by applying it specifically to people photography – meaning busy, dynamic situations that quickly evolve before our lens. The concepts I talk about…

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