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Using Triangles in Composition

improve your travel photographs using triangles with Pics of Asia

In my early days as a photography teacher, I accompanied two nice Australian ladies for a week of photography through Vietnam. They had recently attended a week-long photo workshop in Cambodia but still, when I met them, they didn’t seem to really know what they were doing with their cameras.    So, a little perplexed,…

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The secret ingredient for amazing travel photos

Bhutanese man portrait in black and white

Connectivity: The Secret Ingredient for Amazing Travel, Amazing Portraits   Andy Faulk   There is a never-ending stream of articles about travel photography online. Some will warn you of the complexity of travel portraiture while other sources will offer tip after tip about how to get the perfect travel portrait. Sure, these articles, tip lists,…

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Directing your subject: a practical example

A farmer near Hoi An, Vietnam looks at his field, pointing to something out of frame

About a year ago I published an article titled “how to direct your subject in travel photography“. I suggest you head over the link if you haven’t read it yet, as it will help you understand clearly what I am talking about here. Basically, when taking photos of people it is possible to direct your…

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Lesson learned from not staging photos

Mirissa fisherman at sunset

While in Sri Lanka for my exploration trip, my friend Kevin and I were looking for the fishermen on stilts outside Mirissa. This iconic photo of Sri Lanka is something I would have liked to capture, under the condition that the fishermen were “real”. I heard many stories about them posing for tourists in exchange…

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People asking for money when doing Travel Photography

The sun was on the horizon, a perfect orange ball. It was another beautiful sunset in Hoi An, Vietnam and we were out on a photo tour through a local village – taking advantage of the dreamy light. While the group spread out to take photos of people harvesting rice in the paddies, I noticed…

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Body Gesture : The Travel Photographer’s Decisive Moment

To me, photography is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event as well as of a precise organization of forms which give that event its proper expression. – Henri Cartier-Bresson   According to photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, the most profound photographs are those that capture the decisive moment…

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How to direct your subject

Hmong people in North Vietnam

When taking photos in Asia it is very tempting to direct your subject and stage your composition. A lot of people are very happy to be photographed and even happier to be able to make a few bucks to be your subject. If you have been following me at all you will know that for…

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The sneaky shot

  Well, I can say, even though I love approaching people and interact with them, sometimes you have to be a little sneaky. I am not talking about rude sneaky, and stick my camera in people’s faces while they are eating. But the nice sneaky that will allow you to get a shot that you…

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The way to approach people

An Up-close portrait of a Hmong woman on a black background in North Vietnam - Pics Of Asia Photos Travels Tours

How to approach people you want to photograph? This is probably the first question my students ask me: how should I approach people I want to photograph? For most Westerners travelling in South East Asia, taking photos of people feels like intruding into their private lives. Your photography teacher tells you to get closer, but…

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