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Contact sheet #10

2 days ago during the sunset photography tour in the countryside of Hoi An we met a few men fishing along the river. It was late afternoon and we had already lost the sun. The light was becoming a little flat and I wanted to discuss with the students about ways to create interesting images without relying on the beautiful late afternoon light.
I knew the guys who were fishing as they are from the nearby village where we usually spend some time during the tour, so we could just walk to them, say hello and start shooting. It was quite a good afternoon for them too, they were actually getting a lot of fish.
My first idea was to try and get as close as possible to remove much of the overexposed sky. As the sun had just gone away things on the ground were getting dark while the sky was still very bright. There was no way to capture the sunset colours in the sky unless doing silhouettes of the men, which we had already been working on some minutes earlier.
So here is how it started:


  1. Gerard on March 7, 2017 at 2:27 am

    Cet article éclaire bien la démarche photographique. Tu me donnes très envie de retourner à Hoi An rien que pour prendre un cours. Ce ne serait que mon 5 ème séjour dans cette belle ville. Dommage que je ne sois pas tombé plus tot sur ce site.
    Le petit amateur de photo te dit bravo.

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