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Visiting the Kalouts

Yes, I am still in Iran, taking a break from the travelling in a beautiful Persian garden in Yazd. A well-deserved break after the group and I have spent 3 days travelling around the desertic area of southern Iran, known as the Kalouts. Using 4×4 cars we have explored a remote area and set up our camp in a narrow valley.


Night photo taken at full oon in the kalouts desert in Iran during Pics of Asia photography tour


Over the past 3 days we have seen and photographed so many amazing locations, and I would like to share with you now some of my favourite images from the Kalouts. This amazing area is home to some very interesting rock and sand formations, which feels like being on another planet. In this image, you can see our camp with our tents.

landscape photo taken in the kalout desert at night during full moon on a Pics of Asia photography tour and workshop in Iran

We have camped there and have spent a part of the night photographing it during Full Moon. This allowed us to walk really in the desert and look for the best compositions, without suffering from the sun and heat. After a few sessions of night shooting and some hours of sleep, we woke up to catch the sunrise over a huge valley filled with mega Yardangs (this is how these rock formations are called).

Our photography tour group during a sunrise session in the kalouts desert of Iran


We have also encountered a bit of the local wildlife when a curious desert fox came to show interest in our camp (and our food!). Forgive the quality of the image, taken at 12,800 ISO.

Night photo of a desert fox in the desert of Kalouts in South Iran during Pics of Asia photography tour


This has been a fantastic experience that I cannot wait to do again next year on another photography tour in Iran.

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