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My new India photography tour: Mumbai and Gujarat Unveiled.

In November 2023, I embarked on a two-week exploration of India, delving into areas that had long intrigued me. The experience revealed an array of captivating photo opportunities, inspiring the creation of a distinctive addition to my photography tours: “Mumbai and Gujarat Unveiled”, my new photography tour in India.

Pics of Asia photography tour to India

Our journey begins in Mumbai, a sprawling metropolis where we’ll spend a day navigating its dynamic streets. Our carefully curated itinerary avoids the busiest spots initially, allowing participants to acclimate. This strategic approach ensures that, upon revisiting Mumbai, participants will be adept at capturing the vibrant chaos.

Gujarat countryside photo tour

From Mumbai, we venture northward, tracing the picturesque coastline of Gujarat. This leg of our journey promises encounters with remote countryside vistas, quaint fishing villages, and vibrant markets, offering participants the chance to immerse themselves in the authentic rhythms of life.

Our route leads us to the city of Bhuj, where we explore not only the urban landscape but also delve into the heart of remote villages. The local markets in this ancient city offer a delightful blend of tradition and modernity, providing unique photographic opportunities. Venturing further, we’ll encounter villages renowned for their production of diverse fabrics, contributing to the rich tapestry of India’s cultural heritage.

The tour’s culmination unfolds in the charming city of Ahmedabad, celebrated for its distinctive charm. Here, we’ll capture the spirit of the city at a flower and vegetable market, among my favourite locations for photography.

Mumbai street photography

After an enriching week immersed in the countryside’s photographic wonders, our journey circles back to Mumbai. Equipped with newfound skills and perspectives, participants will navigate the bustling streets with confidence. Mumbai’s iconic Dhobi Ghats and lively fish markets await, promising a fitting conclusion to our photographic odyssey.

This transformative photography tour, debuting in November 2024, focuses exclusively on people photography, blending travel and street photography seamlessly. For more details and to secure your spot, check out this link. Join me on an exploration of Mumbai and Gujarat—where every frame tells a story, and every moment is an opportunity to capture the vibrant essence of Indian life.

Contact me if you want to join this tour and I can send you a more detailed itinerary.

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