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Discover Northern Bangladesh starting and ending in Dhaka, this photographic tour is very much people-orientated. Enjoy the invigorating hustle and bustle of street photography before you taste the freedom of the wide-open countryside of northern Bangladesh.


With Etienne Bossot, Dylan Goldby


Duration:               10 days

Starting In:            Dhaka

Ending In:              Dhaka

Participants:          8

Skill Level:              All Levels

Comfort:                 Medium

Nov 25 – Dec 4, 2020 Etienne Bossot, Dylan Goldby


Bengalis are a very warm and welcoming people and seem to genuinely enjoy having their photographs taken. Expect spontaneous opportunities to capture both the lighter and darker sides of life on a once in a lifetime trip to Northern Bangladesh







In all our tours outside Vietnam we strive to make things easy so everyone can focus entirely on photography. This is the reason why our rates include everything during the tour: accommodation, transportation, all meals, and even tips to local people. What is not included is your international flight, Visa, travel insurance, and souvenir purchase.


Like in all our tours outside Vietnam led by two photographers we limit the number of participants to 8, for a better and more personalized coaching. As it is the case in my tours, we will mostly focus on people and ways to take their photos, in travel or street photography style. As we are doing photo critiques and Lightroom tutorials, make sure to take your laptop / iPad.


We will be staying in 3- to 4-star hotels for most of the tour. All our meals will be in local restaurants and hotels. All our transportation between cities will be made by plane and we will use local transportation through the cities.

  • Composing great images in Sylhet vegetable market with Pics of Asia
  • Taking photos in the tea shops of Bangladesh with Pics of Asia photography tour
  • Portrait of a man carrying vegetables in Sylhet market
  • Cricket players cheer for the winning ball, taken at sunset along the Brahmaputra river in Bangladesh during a photography tour by Pics of Asia
  • A group of fishermen leading their nets back on a boat at sunset on the Padma river, Bangladesh
  • Night photograph of meat sellers in the night market of Rajshahi, Bangladesh
  • A vegetable carrier walks through the vegetable market of Rajshahi during a photography tour by Pics of Asia
  • Lines of workers unload sand, rocks and coal from boats along he river in Dhaka, during a photography tour with Pics of Asia
  • Boats commuting on the Buriganga river at sunrise in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Working on layering people during a photography workshop in Bangladesh by Pics of Asia
  • A woman working in a tea field at sunset in Sreemongol, Bangladesh
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Please note that these tours include everything (hotels, transportation, all meals) but excludes your international flight and Visa.


Despite being one of the poorest countries in the world, Bangladesh is visually rich, and its people have ready smiles. That said, you may find your preconceptions of life in Asia challenged by some of the interactions you’ll have, and we’ll help you make sense of what you see and tell stories through your photographs.


Dhaka’s vibrant streets present a cascade of moments you’ll want to record, while the more relaxed vibe in the tea plantations of Sylhet and the rural western region of the country provide a fascinating contrast.

A man picking up tea leaves early morning in Sreemongol, Bangladesh

Bangladeshi farmer taking a cigarette break

old man in Bangladesh

man in Bangladesh

  • A man picking up tea leaves early morning in Sreemongol, Bangladesh
  • Bangladeshi farmer taking a cigarette break
  • old man in Bangladesh
  • man in Bangladesh

all images Copyright @ Etienne Bossot





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