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12-day North Vietnam Reflections Photography tour 2024

Join our 2nd edition of this wonderful photo tour in North Vietnam! We are going to revisit the locations of our classic North Vietnam photography tour at a very different time of the year, when people are planting rice in the rice terraces. Program: Local markets, people, landscapes photography and tonnes of great food and fun times!

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Let's start exploring. 

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We keep going back to North Vietnam every year for the rice harvest. How about visiting this fantastic area when people are planting rice? 

Capture the reflections on the mirror-like rice terraces and meet the incredible people of the mountains. As usual, this tour mixes local markets, people's activities, portraits and a touch of landscapes. 


Driving through the mountains, taking photos when the opportunities arise, having a lot of fun and food while improving your photography skills: this is our mission.

About North Vietnam

What makes the north so special? Why do we keep coming back year after year?

You could say the scenery. it is pretty special. Like nowhere else in Vietnam. 

You could say it's the weather. it's nice to feel the cool wind at night. 


But really it's the people you meet and the opportunities that present themselves. The ones that make you feel like you have stepped back in time 100 years and are the first person to discover an untouched area. Soaring mountain peaks and lush green valleys full of minority people bursting with smiles and friendly faces. As curious about you as you are about them. It is an experience that cannot be matched. And that's why we return. Year after year. It is always a journey of discovery. Nothing is ever the same. and yet it always feels familiar. 

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This 12-day photography tour in North Vietnam is focusing on people photography and landscape photography in the most beautiful mountains and valleys of North Vietnam. May is the time when people are busy planting rice in the amazing rice terraces. We travel through the most epic sceneries while staying away from the main tourist areas, offering us constant photo opportunities: villages, markets, field activities and landscape photography.


Duration: 12 days

Starting In:  Hanoi

Ending In: Hanoi

Participants: 8

Skill Level: All Levels

Comfort: Medium

May 16 – May 27, 2024 Etienne Bossot


8 pax

4650 USD

  • per Person
  • Single Supplement included
  • Please note that this tour includes EVERYTHING (hotels, transportation, all meals) but excludes your international flight and Visa.




Simply the best of North Vietnam, a tour that we have been updating every year with our best locations

Feel the vibes of Hanoi and Hoan Kiem lake early morning

An itinerary completely away from the main tourist tracks

Photograph the people picking up tea leaves in a stunning valley

Capture the beauty of the reflections over the rice terraces

Visit local ethnic minority markets and villages

North Vn

Hanoi villages

Incense making village near Hanoi in Vietnam visited on a photo tour with Pics of Asia

Ethnic markets

A group of Hmong women gathering in Bac Ha market in North Vietnam taken during Pics of Asia photography tour

Rice Harvest

Sun rises up behind a hill over a Vietnamese rice field - Pics of Asia


Hmong woman walking in a village in Vietnam

Tea fields

capturing the Hmong people picking up tea leaves in North Vietnam with Pics of Asia

Rice terraces

Landscape photo of the sunset on the rice terraces of Vietnam with Pics of Asia photo tour


01. What's Included

In all our tours we strive to make things easy so everyone can focus entirely on photography. This is the reason why our rates include everything during the tour: accommodation, transportation, all meals, and even tips to local people. What is not included is your international flight, visa, travel insurance, and souvenir purchase.

02. Group Size

Like in all our tours led by two photographers we limit the number of participants to 8, for better and more personalized coaching. As it is the case in my tours, we will mostly focus on people and ways to take their photos, in travel or street photography style. As we are doing photo critiques and Lightroom tutorials, make sure to take your laptop / iPad.

03. Accomodation & Transportation

Because of how remote some of the places we go to are, we will be staying in a few homestays. These homestay are comfortable, and all participants will have their own room. For all other nights we will stay in city hotels.


Hear how past tour participants experienced this tour.


Marissa Caruthers

London, England
A truly incredible immersive tour that takes you to off-the-beaten-track parts of Vietnam, led by passionate photographers. Highly recommended.
Amy Farley profile picture

Amy Farley

Texas, USA
The North Vietnam Tour was a trip of a lifetime! The photography opportunités were outstanding! Etienne is one of my faves. He has a passion for photography and for helping others develop their skills. It just flows out of him. On the tour, I literally felt like I was in another world. I’m actually planning I’m doing the tour again in 2020. I loved it that much!
Anna Barnes profile picture

Anna Barnes

Sydney, Australia
THE best tour Ive ever been on. Etienne has an energy, joy and passion for Vietnam that matches mine. He is a fabulous tour leader who held the group impeccably. We had fun, we played, we laughed, and we also did some seriously good photography. He took us to places we would not go to by ourselves and helped us to feel safe and comfortable, whilst still maintaining a sense of awe and excitement. This is absolutely a highly recommended company to do tours with by me.


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Expect the unexpected. Expect to improve your photography skills thanks to spending time with expert, hands-on teachers in some of the most photogenic locations in Asia. Expect meaningful interactions with local people and expect to return home with photographs you can be justifiably proud of, and memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.