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North and Central Vietnam Photo Tour with Asia Travel Photography

If you have read my previous newsletter, I was announcing a change of itinerary for the Classic North Vietnam photography tour I have been running for over 7 years. This change happened as I brainstormed with my friend Regis Binard from Asia Travel Photography. As we planned and built our photography tour in North Vietnam, we decided to extend this tour to have more time to enjoy the scenery and ethnic villages.

From this, a brand new tour was born: combining the best of North and Central Vietnam to build an incredible photography tour. As usual, this photography tour focuses on people photography, with a dash of landscapes.

My first photography tour in Vietnam with Asia Travel Photography

And I have to say, it was pretty awesome! It somehow felt like Regis was my brother from another mother. We got along so quickly and so well that it felt like we had known each other for a long time. maybe too long already? 😉

We also share a very similar approach to photography and how to take pictures of people when travelling. The values of respect and ethics towards our subjects are as important to him as it is to me. Regis has been running photography tours in Cambodia for many years and speaks the local language, allowing better and more interesting interactions with our subjects. The same way I do it here in Vietnam.

Regis also agrees that staging your images as a travel photographer is not the way to go: it inhibits creativity and only perpetuates the old cliches and stereotypes. But who needs to stage their images when travelling to such stunning locations? Our goal is to teach you how to take better photos and tell more meaningful stories.

Needless to say, we got along very quickly and I believe our 2 different approaches to photography, even though similar, are very complementary and helped our students with their photography skills.

Announcing our second Vietnam photo tour with Regis from Asia Travel Photography for 2024

This year’s photo tour in North Vietnam with Regis was so much fun (I have to say we had a kind of crazy group that loved to sing!) that we already decided to run another one for 2024! On top of that, we decided to build a new itinerary that is going to also take us to my home of Hoi An. We will visit and photograph the best fishing and farming villages in this area.

North and Central Vietnam photo tour: experience the best of these two areas

On this brand-new photo tour, we have decided to bring you to what we think are the most photogenic areas in the whole country! Having run photography tours in North and Central Vietnam for 15 years, I have selected the top places that will guarantee amazing photo opportunities, every single day!

As usual, we are going to visit ethnic minority villages, ethnic markets, and meet the people in the fields. We are once again travelling there during the rice harvest season, offering numerous great photo opportunities.

North Vietnam photo tour with Pics of Asia

On the Central Coast of Vietnam, we will base ourselves in my home base of Hoi An. From there we will visit the best fishing villages at sunrise as well as meet the local farmers in their villages and fields.

Two photography teachers for a better learning experience

Benefit from Regis and my experience of teaching photography in Asia for many, many years (but we are still young!) Our different styles but similar approaches will definitely help you to develop your photography skills. Imagine spending 12 days with 2 full-time professional photography teachers? There will be a lot of teachings happening!

You can find all the details about this tour by following this link!

My first Cambodia photo tour in partnership with Regis from Asia Travel Photography

Regis and I had so much working and shooting together that we didn’t want to stop! I mentioned that I had not been travelling to Cambodia for years. Regis started listing all the great photo opportunities available there. So obviously, after 10 minutes of chatting, a new Cambodia photography tour was in the making!

This tour will focus more on people photography with a touch of temples (of course, being in Siem Reap!). This tour will happen in August 2024 which is the rice planting season. We are going to visit awesome floating villages, capture people at work in the fields, meet the monks and novices in their monasteries, and do plenty more amazing things!

Cambodia photography tour with Angkor Travel Photography

I hope to see you on one of these tours. As you know, double teacher = double teaching. If you plan to seriously improve your photography skills, you will have the 2 best photography teachers there are in Asia adding to their strengths! How would you miss this chance? 😉

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