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North Vietnam Photo Tour: new updated itinerary for 2024

After almost 10 years of running this classic photo tour in North Vietnam, I have updated the itinerary. I know what you are thinking: how can I update this tour when it is already perfect? Well, I have found better this year!

Adding 2 extra days to take the time to explore gorgeous areas and ethnic villages

This tour allowed us to see A LOT of North Vietnam, but I sometimes felt that we were just scratching the surface! This is the reason why I have decided to add one more night in Y Ty and one more in Mu Cang Chai.

These 2 valleys are the most beautiful ones on this tour, having an extra day there will give us the time to explore more of the area. I have also discovered new villages in the surroundings of Y Ty, where we will spend time walking around, meeting the people and of course, taking plenty of photos.

I have also discovered a stunning Tay village near our lodge in Mu Cang Chai, and having an extra day there will allow us to spend some time there. It will also allow us to drive longer along the valley for some great landscape images.

The fact that the accommodations are now of a much better quality compared to some years ago makes me confident that staying extra time in these areas is giving us many more great photo opportunities.

Adding 2 extra days to welcome you and wave you goodbye

I acknowledge that the way I have been presenting my photography tours in the past has been confusing for some of you. I used to begin the tour instantly into the shooting days, and people were not sure when they had to fly into the location.

This is now a problem solved. Day 1 of my photo tour is now the day I will welcome you and organize the airport pick up (included in my rate!) as well as that hotel night. We will actually start shooting on Day 2.

Same thing at the end of the tour: the last day is now the day people leave the country and go home. This means less organization on your side as all the hotels will be booked for the duration of your stay. Of course, you can decide to stay longer and explore other parts of Vietnam such as Ninh Binh or Ha Long Bay.

I believe this will help avoid confusion for you guys and also give us more time to meet up before the tour and create a fun group feeling with everyone. And why not go on a warm-up photo shoot in the streets of Hanoi?

The North Vietnam photography tours (in May for the rice plantation and in August-September for the rice harvest) are now 12 days instead of 8. The cost per day has barely gone up so the value for money remains the same as before: excellent!

I am looking forward to having you join this sumptuous photography tour!

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