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Patience patience

For some of you who have joined my photo workshop in Hoi An, you may have seen this girl before.

A word can describe the way I took this photo: patience.

While walking near her house, I noticed how the shutter was slightly open, and was very harmonious in tones and light with the rest of the wall. The rainy season and humidity have added a lot of texture to it, ideal for a photo.

I did walk a few meters further and I saw that this girl was sitting at her desk near the window, probably studying. As I saw her (and I knew her), I know a good photo was possible to do here. Light, wall, etc… all was there.

I stepped back to the beginning of the wall, and lined up my students next to me (paparazzi mode!).

And then I called “hello my niece!”. As she heard that she put her head out. Clic – clic – clic – more clics than she could hear!


Portrait of a young girl in Vietnam



Normally this is a type of photo to capture with patience. As I knew this girl, I could afford to call her like that. Also as I was leading a group of students through a village, we did not have all day to wait! But with patience, she would have eventually showed up without calling her…

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