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Contact sheet #1

Every week I am going to publish some contact sheets from photos I recently took. In a way Arte (Franco-German TV channel) created these awesome videos studying some of the best photographers’ contact sheets (at that time when the only thing used was Film). I highly recommend you check them out on Youtube.


I find it very interesting as people can figure out what goes into the photographer’s head when taking the shot, a bit in the way I wrote “the process of taking a photo“.  Some students find this very relevant and help them think faster and more effectively when on the field. Feel free to share your feedback in the comments below!

Woman plowing the fields - Contact sheet

Woman plowing the fields – Contact sheet

Metadata: Canon 5DIII / Canon 50mm / 1/1000th / f1.8

The main thing that attracted me on the selected photo (the big one on top) is the diagonal line that the woman’s tool created. As you can see on the previous photos I took, the tool created a certain angle on the image, already increasing the dynamism and feeling of movement, but the position of this line remained unclear. On the 5th photo I took, the tool came right as a diagonal of the photo, thus increasing the dynamism and leading the eyes directly to our subject. That is the one I chose.


  1. Anthony Pond on January 16, 2014 at 3:10 am

    Your selected image makes the best use of the hoe filling the frame without being cut off and has the most pleasing hand placement as they are not bunched together. It is informative to see the other shots in the series. It illustrates how rarely one shot nails it.

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