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Weekly photo assignment #1

This is the Pics of Asia Photo School weekly assignment. Due to the current situation, we have to find ways to remain creative from the comfort of our homes. We’d like to give you weekly tasks to help you pick up the camera, think about your settings and improve your composition skills. Do not forget to submit our images on our Pics of Asia photo school group.

Assignment #1: From the sofa. 

Being stuck at home for some of you can be frustrating as we like our travels! But think about it: what is one of the places you spend the most time on? Whether you like to Netflix your days or work from the comfort of your sofa, we are sure that you know it very well. 

Think about everything happening around this wonderful piece of furniture. 

  • What revolves around a sofa? Family? Work? Both? 
  • Do you want to set it up with objects, people?
  • What happens on this sofa? Are these happy moments, etc…
  • Simplify the scene. Living rooms can be messy, but your image cannot. 

Remember, whatever topic we give for this week’s assignment, we’d like to see creativity and images that are striking. Do not forget everything we have been talking about in the past years: find the best light, clean your background, and compose so our eyes travel through the frame. 🙂 

We will be watching and commenting on your images on our new Facebook Group.

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Founder of Pics of Asia, Etienne is a teacher with a photography habit.

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