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I am feeling a little bit nostalgic this morning, and I am thinking about home. I do not mean my new home, Vietnam, but my former one in France.


I left it about 8 years ago and have been visiting there only twice since, and there are some things I really miss. There are also a lot of things (most things!) I do not miss, as I do love my life here in Hoi An. But the things are miss are of a greater importance.

Burmese brothers

First, I do miss all the cheese available there! Yes, even though I can find cheese here, it’s not the same. I also do miss all our wine selection, mostly when available for free in my dad’s cellar.


But this blog post is dedicated to my family, particularly my brother.

Hmong boys in Vietnam

My brother is the person I spent all my youth with. We used to always play together, I remember, when living in North of France. We used to have all these soldiers toys, and were spreading them on the floor of our bedroom, and playing war all day long. We used to run around the neighborhood or ride our bikes against the wall to see who would feel less pain. We used to… or maybe I should say I used to. I was probably the one following him all day long, trying to do as he did, like my younger son tries to copy his sibling now.


When I was a kid, my brother meant everything to me. The stories and games we built together were fascinating me, and when my dad would come into our room and “clear” a full day of setting up toys for war with his big foot, that would shatter my day excitement. I guess we don’t need so much when we are kids.

Vietnamese kids playing

I now have 2 boys, and start seeing the relationship that is existing between them. Even though they do fight a lot, as my young one likes to push the button of his brother, they do love each other. I can see them hug each other while watching a movie, or hold each other’s hand while walking to school.

Minority kids in central Vietnam


I miss you brother, take care of yourself. And yes, feel free to come and visit!

Burmese brothers in their house


Lanten school


Novice brothers in Myanmar


portrait of 2 red dzao brothers in Sapa


Siblings playing in Myanmar

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  1. Janice on December 13, 2014 at 10:44 am

    Written from the heart… I feel your pain !

  2. Susan Moss on December 13, 2014 at 10:28 am

    Love the images Etienne. Sibling rivalry is always there but then also is the bond of love between siblings.

    I am sure your brother would be happy to read your words and no doubt misses you too being so far away but the bond is there as strong as ever.

  3. camille on December 15, 2014 at 6:36 pm

    Et ta soeur !!! 😉

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