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The origin of creativity in travel photography

Etienne Bossot giving a keynote speech about photography and creativity in Malaysia

Last year I gave a keynote speech to the Malaysia advanced photographer society, about the origin of creativity in travel photography.   In this presentation I talk about: How to teach yourself to look at things with different eyes? How to instantly improve your compositions by learning to look at things a different way? How…

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The ethics of Travel Photography

This article is a retranscription of the Talk I gave for the Travel Photographer Society in May 2017 in Kuala Lumpur.  If you’d like to watch the video scroll down to the end.   In today’s world where lying has become common practice, in the world of fake news, I believe we all need to…

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Do what you love

Two women selling bananas in the streets of Hoi An, Vietnam - Pics of Asia photo tour

You can consider that being my little “ego trip” of the week, but the positivism I am surrounded by is pushing me to scream it loud and clear: I so LOVE what I have been shooting for the past 7 days. Maybe it is a little arrogant from me to openly write about it, but…

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Reaching mastery

Vietnam farm where a boy and his mother are working in the field

Today I am reading a very interesting article on The Atlantic about happiness, and how come educated and smart people are less and less happy. Anyway, the author Raj Raghunathan talked about people never being happy when comparing themselves to their peers. Because honestly there is no clear way to compare yourself with other people:…

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Finding your style in photography

Photo from behind of a Vietnamese fisherman cleaning his net

The learning curve in photography is a bit of a tricky one. I see beginner photographers dramatically learning and improving their skills, mostly when the camera settings become something intuitive and people don’t have to think about it as much as they used to. Then the composition improves, people start seeing the light and understand…

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How to become a professional photographer

Pics of Asia photographer Etienne Bossot taking photos in Vietnam

Yes you heard me! Drop everything you are doing and read this amazing secret I am the only pro photographer to reveal the world!   You have a passion for photography but for now it only is a hobby. You wish you could make it your job, but the lack of experience and confidence keeps…

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