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Ninh Binh – Nam Dinh photo tour 2018 wrap up

This photography tour in Ninh Binh and Nam Dinh regions in Vietnam were a first for Pics of Asia. After a successful tour in Ninh Binh last year we felt that we could have explored more untouched areas, getting closer to the coastal area. Hence the reason for this tour. Nam Dinh is a fairly untouched area where only a very few tourists venture. It offers numerous great photo opportunities, with lots of fields and farmers as well as a very busy fishing life on the coast.


The itinerary for the 2019 tour will be the same.


Day 1:

We started in Hanoi with a morning shooting on the streets. Similar to our North Vietnam mountain tour, that morning is a great warm-up session for everyone, going through camera settings and composition techniques. We also introduced some basics of street photography, which will be a great inspiration for the group in the coming days. After breakfast, we left with a mini Van to Ninh Binh area. We had a few stops on the way capturing brick factories outside of Hanoi.

Hanoi street photography workshop by Pics of Asia


Day 2:

This day is about getting lost around Ninh Binh region. The amazing karst rocks make tremendous backgrounds and we drive around searching for human activity in the fields or the river. Lucky for us, there is plenty of that at this time of the year. Due to a cloudy day, I shot a lot in black and white.

Black and white image of e reflection of a tree and a man in Tam Coc, Ninh Binh, Vietnam


We also visit a few markets around Ninh Binh and end with a beautiful sunset on the river, where some barbecue awaits us.

Bamboo Boats Fill The Rivers Of Nihn Binh in Black And White - Pics Of Asia Photos Travels Tours


Day 3:

On that morning we drove a few hours to enter the area of Nam Dinh, popular for its fishing activity, churches and peacefulness. Before arriving at our hotel, we stopped several times on the way to capture the action we found. There are a lot of fish, shrimp and clam farms where we can always find people at work. Also, because the area doesn’t see many tourists, the people are very curious about us and we can easily start a chat, making photography even easier.

A group of women working in a clam farm on the coast of Nam Dinh, Vietnam during Pics of Asia photography tour


Portrait of a man fixing a watch in a market in Nam Dinh, North Vietnam, during a photography tour with Pics of Asia


Day 4:

We started that morning very early in order to witness the fishermen unloading their catch. The seashore was full of people buying and selling fish, and the morning colours stunning at that time of the year. Later on, we visited a salt farm where a few elderly people still work in the traditional way, pushing water from pool to pool.

Nam Dinh salt farm worker, pushing water into pools, during a photography tour with Pics of Asia


Later that afternoon, after yet another epic seafood lunch, we met two men who were busy dragging clams from the seashore. We spent some time with them in the water, applying different composition techniques at sunset.

fishermen dragging clams at sunset on the beach of Nam Dinh, North Vietnam


Day 5:

We couldn’t not use our last early morning to photograph the fishing activity again, but this time we were looking for something different. Lucky for us, we found it, and we spent an hour in the water following this man, dragging for shrimps with his giant triangle net. A great experience that we all enjoyed, bathing in the warm ocean while taking great photos!

Early morning fishing on the coast of Nam Dinh, Vietnam, during a photography tour with Pics of Asia


We also enjoyed this time to find a great local breakfast in the main market, also enjoying the beautiful light filtering through the roofs.

scene from a local market in Nam Dinh province, Vietnam


After lunch and a few more photo opportunities, we drove back to Hanoi and had our traditional goodbye dinner.


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