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    My lovely family

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I am Etienne Bossot and I am delighted to take you on an amazing journey through stunning locations in South East Asia, while sharing my passion for photography. I started teaching photography in Hoi An, Vietnam, through the now renown Hoi An Photo Tour & Workshop (click the link to see the video I have on the homepage). For the past 4 years I have been teaching to thousands of people, having any kind of photographic levels. I am also a commercial and wedding photographer in South East Asia, you can have a look at my commercial blog. I could also tell you about the awards I received for my photos and the number of publications I have worked on but no one cares.

Now I want to share everything I know about photography and create unique travel experience for people, bringing them to places they would normally not go to, or even not know about. It is all about the pleasure of taking great photos and sharing, and having a great fun time doing it!

I am married to a sumptuous Vietnamese woman who recently gave me 2 amazing boys, Victor and Vincent. My life has become very busy but full of happiness. I enjoy see them grow up as I work from home most of the time. My family is the reason why I am not running photography tours in South East Asia all year round! 🙂

This “about us” is also dedicated to the travel companies and local tour guides I am using when running these tours. I have carefully selected the best of them, and my local tour guides are all photographers as well. They are the one who make the tours run smooth and allow me to focus completely on the teaching of photography and bringing a fun time to my students.

If you are in Hoi An, come check out my photo gallery on 42 Phan Boi Chau street, or on its website.

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‘My passion for travel and photography made Pics of Asia happen’


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